March 15, 2018

RLUK presentation: Understanding Academics

Today I'm presenting at RLUK about our 18 month UX project, Understanding Academics. We're really proud of this project and what we've achieved with it. This speed presentation aims to provide an overview of the project and what it achieved.

We've already written about our UX activities a lot including this project. If you're interested you could look at some of our previous posts including our first post on the project, Understanding Academics UX project, and one detailing how we actually dealt with all the data the project created, Processing and ACTING ON 100+ hours of ethnography: a 5 stage approach.

There are also lots of other posts about our UX activities and we are in the process of writing an article which, when published, will be linked to from here.

And as always if you want to know more please get in touch with us.

Our article has now been published and you can view it for free via the White Rose Repository.

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